A mission that’s guided us since our founding

SACMI was founded in 1919 as a cooperative. Its mission is to maximise creation of value for its members, employees and the communities that host its manufacturing operations. In 2005 the company drew up a code of ethics that everyone - management, workers, suppliers - is committed to putting into practice, every day.

Working in strict compliance with laws and standards, developing production processes that are more efficient and environmentally-friendly and safeguarding stable employment are just some aspects that SACMI has put into tangible practice.
Everything SACMI does to convert these principles into practical results is contained in SACMI IMOLA's yearly Sustainability Report

Workplace safety (and job security)

At SACMI improving health and safety in the workplace is no mere legal requirement or greenwash slogan: it is, instead, a cornerstone of our Cooperative culture, an attitude to business that has always been our hallmark. Over the last three years, more than €1.125 million has been invested in health, safety and the environment and employees have received over 4,000 hours of direct training on these subjects.

Workplace safety (and job security)

Close to the community

In 2016 alone, resources, investments and provisions set aside for local community support projects totalled nearly €600,000. Infrastructure for schools and hospitals, a commitment to local art and culture. Support for associations that provide assistance to the less fortunate, not just locally but across a swath of countries (from Africa to Asia and South America) where SACMI operates. This is the “social contract” as SACMI sees it: giving some of the business-generated value back to the community. A way of renewing the nine founding members' dream and putting it into daily practice: creating, through work, a better society that is more respectful of the environment and human relationships. A society where individual well-being only makes sense where created value is shared with the community.

Close to the community

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