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SACMI works on strategic business development projects with universities and research centres all over the globe. It gives students the chance to gain work experience and complete dissertations in various areas.

Design your future together with us.

People, ideas and skills are strategically crucial to us as they're key development and competitiveness factors on international markets.
That's why we're constantly on the lookout for young talent, people ready to play a leading role in all our business areas.

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From school to factory

Being a student at SACMI means being able to alternate work experience and education, develop dissertation projects, engage in doctorate-focused research or follow high-grade apprenticeships. A great opportunity to put hard-won academic skills to the test. To discover that modern manufacturing relies on a broad knowledge base (yes, including that mathematics you learnt in first engineering undergrad year). To understand that automation and mechanics, process control and simulation systems and hardware design techniques are all aspects of the same whole.

A genuine opportunity to establish a career with one of the world's leading plant engineering firms, as demonstrated by the students who, on completing their studies, were taken on by SACMI immediately to occupy key company positions. SACMI sees good relations with schools and universities not as an optional but as vital to strategic competitiveness. Doing a dissertation at SACMI lets students get to grips with real work and expand their skills set. Experiences that might be the first steps towards a rewarding career at SACMI.


Meet some of our team members

Luca Dal Pozzo, 21 years old, skilled mechanic (Closure Assembly)
Erika Franceschelli, 35 years old, Mechanical Engineer (Customer Service)
Riccardo Cenni, 30 years old, apprentice and PhD researcher in High Mechanics and Automotive (CAE Group – Processing Office)
Davide Barchi, 24 years old, Automation Engineer (Automation R&D department)

Relevant degree qualifications

  • Mechanical engineering
  • Automation engineering
  • Software engineering
  • Engineering management
  • Energy engineering
  • Material engineering
  • Power engineering
  • Electronic engineering
  • Chemical engineering
  • Statistical Sciences
  • IT
  • Physics
  • Industrial Chemistry
  • Mathematics

Investing in the young, planning the future

To create the future, we need to nurture the skills of talented young people.
SACMI supports schools in the form of scholarships, school-work alternation projects and donations of scientific equipment. We've put together partnerships and worked on projects with more than 40 of the best Italian and international universities and research centres, providing them with direct support to set up industry-related degree courses.

Investing in the young, planning the future

Learning opportunities at SACMI

Via work-school alternation and direct in-company dissertation projects, we offer learning opportunities that bring together the worlds of education and work. Every summer, SACMI hosts 20-30 work experience students and, every year, offers scholarships to reward the most promising assignments prepared as part of their final high school exams. Throughout the academic year, SACMI offers internships lasting up to four weeks. We also receive numerous school visits. Sometimes, though, it's our people who go directly to the classroom to provide students with a better understanding of certain technological aspects, offer them careers guidance and illustrate the opportunities available at SACMI.

Learning opportunities at SACMI
Apply for our dissertation projects

Apply for our dissertation projects

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Work opportunities for recent university graduates

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