Focusing on training and research

At Sacmi, training is the cornerstone of both company performance and the professional development of its employees. Through continuous sharing and innovation, we've achieved positions of leadership across all our business sectors.

At SACMI, every new employee follows a tailor-made induction and training programme. In 2016 we provided 18,000 technical-professional and language training hours, plus 4,000 hours of safety and environment training.
We've deposited over 3,600 patents and have, in the last 5 years alone, invested over €230 million in R&D. More than 290 people at the Imola Research Centre focus their daily efforts on developing cutting-edge technology for ceramics, packaging and process control systems.

What is the ACADEMY

The Academy's mission is to facilitate the daily exchange and discussion of Industry 4.0-related practices, strategies and ideas. It is a hub not just for internal training but also the focus of a much wider network involving SACMI's customers, suppliers and partners.
The Academy is where “new smart factory” principles find the fertile terrain needed to transform them into a new strategic approach. An approach that, by developing and exchanging the skills of everyone in the network, aims to build a new culture of innovation that will underpin the development of more efficient, sustainable production processes.
An approach that, by definition, is an open one, intent on attracting the best resources, starting with the higher training institutes, young technicians and graduates eager to invest in their future.

What is the ACADEMY

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