26/02/2020 Bologna

CAREER DAY of the Alma Mater Studiorum Bologna University
h. 09.30 - 17.30, Hall. 33, Aldo Moro Entrance

16/10/2019 Bologna

h. 9.30 - 17.30 at Distretto Navile via della Beverara 123/1, Bologna

10/10/2019 Modena
h. 9:30 - 17:00

Throughout the day, students and graduates will have the opportunity to deliver their Curriculum Vitae directly to company representatives: through brief interviews, they will be able to enhance their motivations, expectations and relationship skills.

06/06/2019 - h. 17:00
The opportunities to be seized by the evolution of technologies and production models

Advanced production systems, such as collaborative robotics or self-adaptive systems, are just some of the new tools available to Smart Factory. New productive models are born, more flexible, closer to the consumer, more oriented to customization and therefore more efficient.

21/05/2019 - h.  17:00
New competitive challenges and transformation of business models

Speed, customization, sustainability / circular economy and omnichanneling are some of the new competitive challenges that industry 4.0 needs to know to manage its growth efficiently. The choice and planning of new business models become the strategic means to drive change.

16/05/2019 - h. 09:00 / 14:00
Job Day I.S.I. - Computer Science Engineering
Unibo -  Campus in Cesena, Via dell'Universit√† 50

Meeting between ICT companies (or those with a structured IT center) and young talents

09/05/2019 - h. 10:00/13:00
Dissertation opportunities offered by SACMI
S.Elisabetta Congress Centre
Parma University

07/05/2019 - h. 09:30/13:00 - Job day
University of  Bologna - Imola branch
Palazzo Vespignani, via Garibaldi 24, Imola

09/04/2019 - h.e  09:00
SACMI lnnovation Lab Inauguration and
workshop "Promote Innovation" 

The current changes are transforming the consolidated competitive advantages, while innovation and new technologies become the engine of a company's competitive success. 

29-30/03/2019 Imola

Imola Programma