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We're committed to transparency and improving professional relationships with members, employees, customers, partners, suppliers, institutions and competitors.
We see stability, safety and meticulous attention to detail as crucial. Every year we invest heavily to provide personnel with the best possible training, motivation and professional development prospects.
Investment in expertise (and, more specifically, in the young) and close collaboration with universities and schools provide the strategic tools we need to manage the present and plan for the future.

Join us and play a key role in making that future happen

Transforming a research program into a real product. Visiting an international customer. Putting your skills to the test across different industries. At Sacmi, an engineer is never “just” an engineer, a chemist never “just” someone who works in a lab. Bridging the gap between the manufacturing world and the world of higher education and international research is all in a day's work for our team.

But don't just take our word for it. Listen to what our personnel have to say: they might have different skills and ambitions, but Sacmi has given all of them an opportunity to nurture their talent.

Sacmi is a workplace full of surprises, where good ideas find fertile terrain and become reality.

Giovanni Mazzotti, 29 years old, New Product Research & Development

Saele Beltrani, 29 years old, Sacmi Automation

Marco Nanni, 34 years old, Quality Control

Federico Montefiori, 24 years old, Customer Assistance

Leading the way in innovation

Better and faster than others, SACMI successfully intercepted the changes that would, in just a few years, bring concepts like 'Industry 4.0', 'manufacturing digitalization' and 'intelligent innovation strategies' to prominence. SACMI is already merging the digital landscape of production with the “physical” world of machines to give products and services immense added value.

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Leading the way in innovation

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